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[SP] SQUADPLAY.uk - Recruiting - English Speaking

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So you're interested in joining a Community/Clan ah?

SQUADPLAY.uk is a community returning after many months, that has been built with experience over many years of creating game server communities. The community (or clan) is primarily based on SQUAD however we're looking to branch out in the future.


Our Server:

We have a server on SQUAD that is owned by us. Its current name is:

>>> [    SQUADPLAY    ] Tactical AAS [ ENG ]


All Community members must wear a tag whilst on the server, such as "[SP]  ". In the future members may be given reserved slots or Moderator (after being trusted) in order to help out with team killers etc.


To Join:


1) Visit: https://squadplay.uk/ and fill out an application, once you've created an account.

2) Join our Steam Group: Once accepted to the Clan.

3) Join our Discord: Link can be found on the Forum.




1) Have Squad.

2) Be 17+

3) Have a Mic.

4) Be able to play at least once a week.

5) Be active on our Forum.



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