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SQUAD BOX | Community Gameplay (custom browser)

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A private community server providing positive game play in a safe welcoming environment supported by a community of active players.


SQUAD BOX  |  Community Gameplay  (custom browser)

  • Private community server
  • Custom Browser
  • 100% Whitelisted
  • Tournament Settings
  • Vehicle claiming disabled
  • Team balance disabled

Squad Box is a simple idea supported by some of the most experienced players in the game.  It's mission statement is simple.  A true community server run by its players in an unrestricted and safe environment providing the best possible levels of gameplay and enjoyment on a daily basis.  A resource for its members regardless of clan status or nationality.  A community to grow with the game and facilitate the all possibilities of Squad opportunity.


Squad Box runs a complete server whitelist system.  Players should be comfortable with the game understanding all basic mechanics and have a minimum of 150 in-game hours.  Tournament settings reinforce the whitelist to ensure a safe foundation on which gameplay is established.  Features like vehicle claiming and team balance disabled provide an unrestricted environment where gameplay can flourish as well as encouraging cooperation and trust between players.  Custom browser listing lays the canvas to operate all these features as well the ability to run custom content by the Squad modding community as it becomes available.  Squad Box also has the scope to run multiple servers as the community grows catering to the needs and trends of the game.


Full server policy, rules and etiquette are published on the Squad Box discord.


  • 150 ingame hours
  • Understanding of game mechanics
  • Working microphone
  • Basic English language
  • Use ingame VOIP


  • No Abusive behavior to any individual.
  • No Hax (3rd party software)
  • No Exploiting (use of glitches)
  • No Tweaking (modification of .ini files)
  • No Griefing (behavior counter to positive gameplay)
  • No Trolling (intentional negative behavior)
  • No TK (deliberate team kill)
  • No VD (deliberate vehicle destruction)
  • No Uncap Attack (main base block / attack)

Squad Box invites all players looking for something a little different.  Players focused on gameplay trying to reach the horizons of unrestricted meta, tactics and strategy.  Players interested in being part of an active community in a constructive environment.  Players that want to play on a level playing field with others of a similar standard and understanding.

Squad Box is LIVE now and the community already 200+ strong.

All this sounds great.  How do I get whitelisted?


Post your steam profile in the #whitelist_application channel on the Squad Box Discord  >>>  SQUAD BOX DISCORD

See you on the server...


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Thursday 1st December

1900 UTC / 1400 EST onward

SQUAD BOX | Community Gameplay


"The weekly players fight"


- Weekly server event for members of Squad Box -

 - Gameplay, fully populating the server, and getting to know each other in-game -

- Starting from 1900 UTC onward and playing through till server empty -

- Maps decided on the server by popular vote -

- Spread the word to your communities and friends. -

See you on the server...

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If by deliberate vehicle destruction you mean getting your own vehicles killed on purpose, you should change it to VW: Vehicle Wasting

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Wednesday 15th February 2017

1800 UTC onwards

SQUAD BOX | Community Gameplay
Custom Browser


Squad Box is running a password server event this evening and invites players and clans to bring members and friends.

Games will kick off at 1800 UTC and run through till 2100 UTC.

If you are interested in locked server enhanced game play with experienced players then please come along.

Squad Box is a fully white listed server and password events are to raise awareness and welcome new members to the community.

Big battles guaranteed.

Join the 500 + listed players on the Squad Box Discord.

Password released at 1730 UTC on Squad Box Discord


See you on the server...

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