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Cyber Monday Merch Sale

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Hi Squaddies!
Happy Black Friday! Two Steam sales weren't quite enough for us this month, we also wanted to do a little something extra since Cyber Monday is coming up. So if you've been holding off on getting your Squad swag, everything in the Squad Merchandise Store will be 20% off on Monday, November 28th
As always, $5 of OWI's profits from each item sold in the store goes to Stack-Up.


Dont forget, were also in the middle of Steam's Autumn sale so Squad is 35% off until November 29th. Between that and the 20% off Cyber Monday merch sale, you should be able to get yourself fully Squadded up for the holidays, gifts included.

Offworld Out.

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from what o´clock starts this Black friday sale on your Squad store? I want to get me some nice hoodie.

Thank you,



U have to type in the discountfield at checkout: cybermonday

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