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[SFW] Sick Freaking Weirdos SFW-SG (ENG SPEAKING)

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Providing a violently safe environment for keyboard warriors all over SEA to shoot and blow each other virtually to bits. And yes, to be Sick Freaking Weirdos at the same time.
So who are we? Well, no one sums it up better than Soldier of Edenia, when we were all hunkering down under heavy mortar fire, in a moment of pure brilliance he said, SFW: THE GAMING IS VIRTUAL, BUT THE BROMANCE IS REAL.

Feel like talking dirty while playing? Join us on our Mumble

STEAM COMMUNITY (guess what? you are already here!)
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sg-topper
[SFW]topper's dinosaurs[SG|SEA] https://playsquad.xyz/servers/
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