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Some thoughts about "Why this community is so great?"

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Peoples are surprised about this fact. I will try give there some thoughts about how is it possible. 

As example we can take experiments on mices in last century. They research their social civilization raised and fall. 

Scientists gave them all what they needed. Food, shelters, good area. Everytime the whole mice civilisation end in dust. For another information about that you can goole it "mice social experiment"

Ok what was the problem ? How does it relate with our community ? Same like they solved problem with mices.

The mice civilisation fall because they had all comfort. If we will translate in to our "virtual life game language" they had comfortable HUD system with all information, comfortable kits with all super weapons to kill others. Also they had unlock system. When one mice become king of the hill because occupy some area grap XP and overpower other mices. So basically this mice unlock some kits and assets just because of her positioning in area. Noting bad can anybody say. But in longer therm it lead to last stage when whole civilisation die. Everytime. This is pretty alarming. 

So how we can stop that? 

In experiment they stoped fall by teamworking. For example if one mice had to step on button, mechanism open small door somewhere and other mice could eat. 

We have to think deeper to understand. Again if we translation that in to our language. Not everybody have binocular. We dont have comfortable HUD system not everybody have optics or grenades. Our kits are limited. Our vehicles need proper driver and gunner behaviours and so on. This push us in to cooperation. Create interdependence. And also create good relationships because we are using our voices. We can be angry and happy and frustrated and bored. but everything is part of game. 

But we can step further. Our developers are part of our community. They had ideas but most of it come from our heads. They just take part of ourself with some other skills like "move to the goal" Without us this game could exist. And we couldn't exists without them. It was great chose to select this theme "teamwork and cooperation" and push people to truly cooperate instead of just have "virtual fun". They have feedback from us, and we have feedbacks from them.

What is big conclusion of this ? 

Practically we are making there serious social experiment. No kidding. We can see it there on a forum. When we teach each other to welcome newcomers. Where we collect ides and we discover how real word work. Real word has two main branches of humans. One are "dreamers" and one are "implementers". This is true fact.

We can learn from our experiment that it works. We can bring this in to our real life and make this world better.

Just think about it.

And thats the secret about success and beauty of this community. Its more than game. Even if its game about killing and pain and war. It doesnt matter.  This game is full of life in deeper zones.  

So if somebody come and say. I want something what will my life more comfortable lead to death trap in longer terms. Compromise for that is give somebody else tool for make it possible to that who want it. This will create dependencies and cooperation. That will create satisfaction from cooperation and this will add another drop in huge part of faction cooperation on bigger scale. At the end we can say.....gg. 

This we many times miss in our real lives at this moment. We split areas, we have kings of hills. Somebody sit on resources. Somebody just care about themselves. We can learn we still have times. 

Lets keep in this way lets hold it. Lets feedback to our developers and they to us. Lets share ideas and thoughts. Let see how far we can go and grow. 

There are much more philosophical themes. for example About PTSD and this game. About leadership. About player roles. About moders ... more deepers thoughts. 


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31 minutes ago, Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX said:

WoW my friend,this is Deep,deep man (made my brain go all fuzzy)!. xD




Like mice?

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At OP. Nice read!! Thanks,, i must add that.. in my brain i was reading with russian accent :)

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

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Hey great points thanks for sharing makes sense.  

This community is great because I love each and every one of you.

Except the sperglord's.  I want to drink orange juice from your skulls.  

Not really.   


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You really poured your heart on this thread, let the games greatness speak for itself


I'll be joining you in singing kumbaya later on

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