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[INFIDEL] Insurgency 24/7 [ GTX 1070 GIVEAWAY]

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Community Moderated Server, What is it?: 


Our alliance server will feature moderators from various other gaming communities, integrating into one on the server to facilitate game play. 

Overarching moderation on the server will allow for community overflow and out reach between clans during peak and non peak hours, with zero cost to the individual community groups. 

All participating communities tags will show on the server main title, and select members will possess moderator rights. 


Support for our server can be found here ---> Ts32.gameservers.com:9208


Current Community Moderators : 





GTX 1070 giveaway? :

 We will be taking random screen shots during peak server times of the server lists, every member will be entered into the draw appropriately.  Great chance to win a gtx 1070 just in time for christmas! 

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