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Minor Changes to Consider

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So, changing from rifle to pistol is a little clunky, seems like he has to switch the weapon on and off of safety.... Last I checked, we're in a war zone, and my finger is my safety. Here are some things I would like to see in upcoming updates for the game.


  • Usage of the Bipod on the LMG's.
  • Long Range optic for the marksman class.
  • ACOG's and aimpoints, maybe even 552 EOTech.
  • Increased ammo capacity.


I'd also like to see some night time version of maps, and night vision come into play. But then the amount of players playing the insurgent side would bitch and complain cause they don't have NODS. And also because the game is in ALPHA, I don't know if the devs have this planned or what. It would just be nice.


But those 4 points I mentioned above are things I'd like to see implemented soon. Let me know what you all think.

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1. Usable bipods are already planned, of course.

2. The PSO-1 on the SVD is the standardized SVD optic, the ACOG on the M110 is a placeholder until a higher-powered optic is implemented.

3. ACOGs and Aimpoints are obviously already in-game, and given that the Aimpoint is already in-game the M552 would be pointless at this time in development, only taking time away from other features.

4. Current Rifleman ammo capacity is a good medium between realism and gameplay, increasing it would further lower the number of times players are forced to return to an FOB and resupply.

5. The time in seconds to switch from your primary to your sidearm in-game is realistic.

6. There are already night versions of some maps, though they're probably not as dark as what you have in mind given that you're suggesting NVGs, which would severely unbalance gameplay and will not be implemented. I believe Chora and Logar has night layers?


As far as implementation for the confirmed, don't count on too "soon" ;)

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