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The FAQ section does hold some very good information.  Please take a look through it on occasion because it will be updated periodically.

I know that it is due now for some changes and we will be working on it.


If you have any suggestions on material for the FAQ please submit it here for our consideration.



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Update to kickstarter is closed status. Pledges are closed as far as i know. Clarify that it is no longer possible to donate to get early access.


Add the updated Kickstarter Timetable to the FAQ so that it is clear in wich state we are and when you have access with your package.


Add a contact for problems with kickstarter payments to the FAQ


Update factions part with russians.

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It might even be a good idea to add a little message beside the "post" button when posting in certain boards (such as troubleshooting) that says "Check the FAQ before you post!" or "Make sure to use the search function to see if your question has been asked before"

Not really a suggestion for the FAQ itself, but still related. Sorry if I've posted this wrongly.

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I have an Suggestion for the FAQ,

maybe add some other languages for the FAQ, i think the Coummunity will help to translate it. Languages like German, Russian, French....

It would help alot for new players, if they cant speak English.


PS: In the most "Languages Threads" there is already the translated Faq. If you cant speak English youre not looking in the forum i think.  

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