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Better feedback for e-tool use and building

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I saw a lot of FOB construction threads, but none quite as specific as this.  As part of making the game a little less harsh on new players I feel that e-tool feedback needs a lot of improvement.  The problem is that it's difficult to tell exactly what the e-tool is for, and how to use it.  There's no real explanation as to what left and right click do, and where you need to aim at something to start digging; this can be the difference between your squad digging up an enemy FOB or not.


GUI elements that indicate structures when 1) in close proximity and 2) having the e-tool out would be quite nice, as well as progress bars that hover over specific objects so you can be certain what you're digging up.  This would also help new players when aiding construction of FOBs.


Differentiating what left and right click do can be done as easily as putting their functions on the "Quick start screen" shown while loading; telling players that left click builds and right click debuilds.  At least, I assume that's what they do, I'm still not that clear on what they do myself!

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