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Bluetooth Headset works great until i join a Squad

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This is a weird issue.


I think i have two issues. One Mic is not recognize by Squad. It does work on Windows and in Steam. I can`t check other games because currently this is the only game i have that i could use Mic for.  When i speak i don`t see my name on the low corner. So i don`t think it`s working.


the second issue is that when i join a squad, i lose sound completely. Some beeps beeps here and there but no sound at all. No sound effect, communication nothing.


Like i said on window it works perfectly.  Head-seat is PX5 turtle beach. I have it setup as Default as recorder and player sound on windows.


Any idea? i don`t want to go and by a mic just for this game :(

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Jabro Rox Wireless Bluetooth Earphone, same issue, works okay in Windows, no sound at all on joining Squad.  Thought this post deserves a bump.




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