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NVidia DSR factors

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I am using DSR factors in NVidia control panel to render at a higher resolution than my monitor (1080P) instead of the in game option as this gives better performance.  The option is only available in global settings not programs (squad) within NVidia control panel, I guess this is as it is not supported?  I this is the case then there is my answer and will it be supported?


It worked fine in V7 but since V8 I keep losing some of the picture and gun is off centre, this can be rectified by alt and tab twice then  going to and reapplying graphics settings which in my case is set at 1440.  I fist apply this setting in game and it works  but then select a sporn point after death it suddenly loses the down scaled resolution again and I have to reapply in graphic settings once again, also when game starts or changes map. 


The game just looks so much better, Names and the frame rate counter are much smaller when set at 1440 as compared with 1080 which is a quick way of identifying what resolution the game is at.   


Is there any fix?

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