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The Wrench - October Edition

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Hi Squaddies,
Welcome to beautiful November, it’s time for mustaches (boys and ladies alike, don’t be shy) and some more information from the Squad Modding community. Some great stuff has been going on as always, and we're here to keep you on track with all the latest news from our community.

Squad Alpha 8

Good news! Alpha 8 has released and with it there is an SDK update that launched today, so prepare to backup anything you changed from the base files if you want to retain those changes. If you only added new things you should be good (but it can never hurt to back up your stuff).




Fan artwork by MadMak

To start of this month’s Wrench on a lighthearted tone, we want to present a funny little illustration made by community member MadMak:
We can already reveal that he is also working on more of these Squad related illustrations, and we wish him the best of luck with bringing more joy to the battlefield!






Forsaken Forest by Igno




Slowly but steadily, Igno is progressing with his map. Latest work has been aimed towards getting the right atmosphere for his map, check out the foggy new screens.








Winter Map by MapModderNOR




Some beautiful winter landscapes in this environment that MapModderNOR came up with. He included a bit of blueprint magic that will change the time of day from the start to the end of the round, so better watch out for some changing battlefield conditions. Additionally a small video can be found on YouTube.








Khovaro by IhanaMies




Khovaro is a fictional Eastern European village on a forested hill landscape. Its main focus will be mechanized infantry combat which tanks, helicopters and mortars help to obtain control of the map.








Korengal by CodeRedFox




Let's hear it from the map maker himself: "Korengal is the map you love to hate and hate to love. It is being designed to be as accurate as possible while still allowing for artistic and gameplay elements.

What I loved about the original was the map was small which made it a pain to get around and ease to get lost all while having to navigating impassable areas and keeping in a lookout for ambushes. This will not change as I intend to build on what I learned in its original ... especially filling in all those inescapable holes.

In this reimagining I'm set to introduce multiple environments. From mountain rivers, crops, hillside villages, rocky mountain trails and snow covered mountain tops. While I don't have a cave system in my current plans yet, it's not unforeseeable."








Escalation: 1985




A new mod project is on the rise, let’s best hear it from them:

"1985. Public uprising in Eastern Berlin. Despite Chairman of the State Council Honecker declaring martial law and deploying military units to patrol the streets, the unrest only escalates. 7th October. Violence erupts during the Day of the Republic parade, when unknown gunmen open fire against the marching soldiers.

Joachim Herrmann, the DDR Agitation and Propaganda Secretary is convinced the conflict is instigated by the West and publicly accuses the CIA and subversive groups in Western Berlin for trying to destabilize the socialist republic. Honecker orders a new blockade of Berlin. An emergency security council is held in the UN, where Russia vetoes a motion to lift the blockade. Unrest spreads throughout the Warsaw Pact countries and spills over into the Soviet republics.

These events coincide with major NATO military exercises in West Germany that have sent the border areas into high alert. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Andropov, hardliner and former head of the KGB, sees no other option but to launch a preemptive strike against NATO in order to protect Berlin and preserve the unity of the Warsaw Pact.

The Cold War is about to turn hot."




These guys are also hiring, so make sure to hit them up on the Squad Modding Discord if you want to help out.






So that's it for this month, we hope you like what we've shown you all, see you next month when all of you are already on your christmas shopping spree!

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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o0 i didnt expect to see a Cold War mod. 
And Khovaro heavly reminds me of Polish Bieszczady Mountains (just other trees)... which was base for unreleased yet map for PR - Rabe:)



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Glorious stuff fellas, always good to see it coming through. Really envy you dudes, can't wait to get my holidays and get stuck in with the SDK again. :D

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I really like the cartoonish art style of MadMak's illustrations, wish you had shared more of his works.


Progress on maps and more maps being announced is always nice to see, hopefully New Korengal doesn't force me to bunnyhop everywhere in order to get up a slope....


Last but not least I'm excited to see a Cold War mod being announced, any word on the planned factions?

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6 hours ago, Frontliner said:

Last but not least I'm excited to see a Cold War mod being announced, any word on the planned factions?


Factions will include US, USSR, DDR (East Germany) and BundesWehr (West Germany).


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