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17 hours ago, ACE said:

Getting Fatal error crash when I start up squad, cant even get into the game


Yeah... for some reason Reshade/Sweetfx does not work anymore, causes fatal error on startup...

Back to no AA it is..




@Wadziu found a work around. Setting Reshade to use OpenGL instead of Dx10/11.



All servers kick you when trying to join with Reshade enabled, hopefully EAC sorts it out soon.

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7 hours ago, mazadu said:

Application unable to start correctly 0xc000007b   can't even start game... 


Repair the game, or clear the cache files. If that doesn't work, it's most likely the drivers you're using.

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WOOOhoooo! This is excellent update!!!! Well worth the wait! Gameplay is awesome! You really outdone your self gents! Congratz and thank you for all hard work that was put in!


btw. was founder tag on uniforms there before? Didn't see it in changelog nor did i see it before... anyway, excellent work!

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Great news for me. Got a huge improvent from v7 to alpha v8.

I was previously running with 50 fps with 40 ppl server, 30 fps with 50 ppl and 23 fps with a full server with tweaks from smooths thread. So i decided to format my pc and do a clean install. now i run with average 40 fps on high settings with 55ppl with my rig, much more stable than before.


I have a FX 6300 | 8GB | GTX 960 2gb and run on 1366x768

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Thank you for the update, I'm now able to play epic/high with FPS >40 consistently even on forest maps.


The game is more beautiful and more tactical than ever before.


The new lighting is epic, very atmospheric! I wonder if at some point it'll even become dynamic, with fog clearing or entering the arena at different times.


So much progress has been made, you should be very proud; only a few bugs but that is to be expected.



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Uhm, i got very weird fps after V8.1 update.

I usually get 40-50 fps on V8, and now in V8.1 i got fps below 10!
Here is my spec (Laptop):
Core i7 4710HQ 2.5Ghz

GTX 850M 4gb DDR3
Corsair V 16 Gb of RAM
Running Squad on SSD.




Its fixed, just reset cache on the game settings and it worked like a charm!

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Just played the new Yeho with 8.1. The enemies fob was silent. I was on the insurgent side.
As the enemy fob made no sound, I thought it was inactive and started to dig it up. Soon enemies started spawning in and I got killed. Still no sounds  from the fob.

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Well, i was the guy who was bashing you, and im not sorry 4 that... v7 was terrible


Now, V8 is excellent, realy good work. Best way to say good job is that i will buy onother copy 4 my wife.



Good job!

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We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.2 hotfix release, here are the changes:

  • Added a HUD indicator which shows the names of the players currently in your vehicle.
  • Added color coded indicators showing the status of your squad members. The statuses are: not spawned in / dead (white), spawned in and not bleeding (green), bleeding (yellow), incapacited / revivable (red).
  • Added new player first time help messages for fundamental events, including the first time: using the map, becoming a squad leader, becoming a medic, bleeding, using a vehicle, and using a supply truck.
  • Added the yellow spawning dot to all spawnable points to make the spawning interface more intuitive and consistent.
  • Made toggled crouch enabled by default for newly installed copies of Squad.
  • Made the jump key untoggle crouch when crouch toggling is enabled.
  • Increased round duration timer on 2k INS maps from one hour to 90 minutes and 4k INS maps from 90 minutes to two hours.
  • Changed squad leader marker distance indicator so it is less precise at longer distances.
  • Attempted fix for a server crash relating to vehicle claiming.
  • Attempted fix for a server crash relating to players being ejected from a vehicle.
  • Fixes to code for preventing players from clipping through walls.
  • Fix for the draw distance on several deployables so they don't disappear after 80-100 meters.
  • Fix for backblast rotation on RPGs and LAWs being in the incorrect direction.
  • Fix for NSV not having sounds on low quality in the third person.
  • Fix for giant player models appearing for a split second in certain cases where soldiers are entering or exiting vehicles.
  • Fix for soldier's 3p mesh being shown when driving vehicles on listen servers, EG starting up Jensen's range in local training mode.
  • Extended the logical scanning range of shoveling to improve it's reliability.
  • Fix for certain server functions not being called properly and causing log spam.
  • Fixes for the spawning mechanics of weapons caches.
  • Fix for incendiary grenades to allow for better interaction with weapons caches.
  • Disabled texture streaming on grass textures.
  • Replaced missing and broken statics on Yehorivka.

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We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.3 hotfix release. For those curious, we are pushing out smaller patches in quick succession in preparation for the free weekend at the end of the week. Here are the changes:

  • Fixed file integrity checks in EAC.
  • Fixed players getting disconnected from servers by EAC without an error message.
  • Fixed huge player models showing when watching someone switches seats in a BTR-80 far away.
  • Fixed an invisible collision mesh sometimes getting left behind after a player dies.

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1 hour ago, Smee said:

Wow do you guys sleep. 


Thanks for update 


Same question here :D


Can't wait till I'm back home at least to test if the EAC updates will allow us to eventually re-use SweetFX...

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