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Advance and Conquer, AAC game mode

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This has probably been ittirated In a certain form some where on the forum but I couldn't find it.

Anyway a problem I have felt in PR is that flag capture in AAS was important but often ended up between two flags where bodies were kept being thrown with not much coordination with squads in a tactical aspect, so thought of this as a way to encourage stronger tactics.

How it works:

Advance and Conquer would give each team a large number of tickets (hopefully player abjusted). at the beginning each team would try to capture as many flags as they can without being able to enter an area of 2 flags away from their current objective to prevent flag rushing. Once they are a flag apart the ticket counter will start to drain from both sides at a rate which will that guarantee that both sides will lose all their tickets after an 1 1/2 or 2.

And now the fun begins.


Both teams will compete to capture the most flags (no even number of flags!) Once one team has the majority of the flags the amount of tickets each team loses shifts. The team with majority of the flags (conqueror) loses tickets at a slower or the same rate while the opposition loses tickets a bit faster. The rate would be added to the existing rate which would result in less time for them to drain the enemy (5-10 mins). This in turn would encourage capturing more flags to win faster.


However there would be consequences for not defending. for every flag the conquered can get back, it gets 5-10 mins in tickets and the rate decreases, and if the conquered becomes the conqueror, the team who lost its flags will lose 5-10 mins.

As you can see there it would become a real power struggle which makes the game more interesting and there is incentive to defend and also attack.

Player Incentives:

Because of the importance of both attack and defense there is a lot more tactical value to coordinating with other squads and developing a strategy to win the game faster.

Squads would be rewarded score wise for both defense and offense. Since it's important to reward player actions in a way if you want to give them motivation, though specifics depend on whether the dev's will use a specific score system for game modes or a general one. I have many ideas but is up to them.


I became to tired of thinking so it's up to you

But seriously I know there is probably a lot of balancing that should be done but I am one person. And this should be thought by a community. Not to mention individual scoring

Overall it would give a new life to AAS while bringing the fun of Conquer with better gameplay

Please make sure to leave opinions and suggestions.

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Hmm.. 1St of I'm reading (didn't read trough) from phone. I must point out that the issue you are describing with AAS is not an issue in every game that have AAS game mode.. In fackt in game where that game mode introduced it were pretty much opposite.. In one round it weren't rare to see teams steamrolling each other twice in the round or several base back and forth capturing. Now when I enter to civilizationnext week I can comment your gamemode proposal in depth it deserves

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Sure take your time. Yes I do know it's not an issue with every AAS for I have played quite intense once. However, I felt like I kept pushing not really because of the flag but rather finding some one to shoot at. Though it could be the same for this, and a steamroll is a steamroll, I believe this could give a greater incentive to advance in order to control and tactical gameplay which could provide constant contact even for a defensive squad.

And again take your time. You are the first to actually voice an opinion lol

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