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A mute/lower volume button for squad chat

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We've all been there. Looking over a zone, wishing you could turn the volume down on the squad chat just for a moment because everyone is screaming over each other while you're just trying to watch your sector in peace. Contact! 30 degrees! And you cant even tell the guy next to you because of all the noise.


I suggest we add a sort of "Headset down" button to temporally toggle the volume of the squad chat while keeping local chat at normal levels. Maybe have it so the user can adjust in the settings the percentage of volume drop i.e. 80% of current, 20% of current, etc. Or just have it set to one flat rate of say, 80% quieter or whatever makes sense.


This can also be helpful when splitting up and you just want to focus on your fire team.

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I also would love to see buttons to raise / lower / and  mute the chat (squad as like local).

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@IronComatose i disagree but i do agree something could make it easier to enforce comms discipline. i dont think a lowering volume button is the answer. 


1)When an SL wants to enforce comm discipline and speak in command channel he would simply need to hold both "B" and "G". No other key required. When SL talks while holding both B and G everyone else in squad channel using comms is lowered in volume slightly or possibly even muted. The fewer keys the better. It would also allow the Squad to know what is being relayed on command channel if it is that important anyways. What do u guys think?


Squad Member Uses for "G" key

1)Squad member holding "g" requests approval to relay information to command channel. there will be a prompt and the SL then must tapp "g" three times then  squad member is able to speak. For the SL to cancel the request he either taps "g" twice like toggling run. Or does nothing for a short duration of time. The SL, in the roster must right click to even approve use of requesting command comms by clicking on name and selecting the option next to promote and before kick from squad to even allow a squad member to request permission.


To add the SL should have his tag displayed larger on the screen when speaking at the bottom left and have the letters SL in front and in larger bold font.

Same for the FTL and any other prefix the SL could add infront of anyone else's names in the roster ie: "SCOUT" to help him keep track. These prefixes would also be included in the prompt for command channel request appears. To help further organize the squad. Such prefixes could be added by default when members become part of a fire team and changed by the FTL or SL?


Anyone else have ideas for what the G key could be utilized as for squad members?

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