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Micropone not working

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Hi, i have problem: my mic isnt working in squad but when i use it for skype and other apps its ok. Of course i set mic as default device but isnt working to. 

Pls fast help.

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This won't help you but I am having the same problems and it really frustrates me. I have seen a lot of complaining about this and I hope this gets fixed soon so that we can all communicate together as a team. cheers.

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Posted (edited)

In the Windows recording devices tab, disable all recording devices except the one you are actually using. I had the same problem (mic connected to sound card worked fine in everything except Squad); setting the mic input you are using as the default was not enough. I had to actually disable all other unused inputs, and then it worked fine. 


For those who don't know: to disable an unused input device, just right click it and select disable. It will disappear from the list. If you even need to re-enable a device that you disabled, right click anywhere in the recording devices window in empty space, and select Show Disabled Devices to see them again. 


Hope this helps! 

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