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=MM= Magister Mortalis Server

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Hi there forums, Magister Mortalis recently.

Server rules are simple:



Rule 1: Squad leaders MUST have a mic & talk in SL chat, speak English and have the SL kit
Rule 2: Intentional team killers will be banned for one month minimum
Rule 3: You must play the objectives. This is a team game!
Rule 4: No playing music in voice chats including local!
Rule 5: Any exploiting, glitching or hacking will be dealt with accordingly
Rule 6: Excessive team killing will automatically get you a one month ban!
Rule 7: No recruiting on our server!
Rule 8: Listen to Admins/Mods!
Rule 9: Listen to Squad leaders!
Rule 10: No advancing past last capable flag.
Rule 11: No destruction of friendly vehicles, unless the vehicle is stuck.
Rule 12: This is a English speaking server you MUST be able to speak english to play here
Rule 13: We do not allow "Locked" squads on the server to foster a teamplay enviroment 



These rules are here to make the server enjoyable for all, and may be updated as required.



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Updating rules

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