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[FDL] Freedom Legion

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Hey all, my old clan Freedom Legion is recruiting, very casual group. 

Just looking for individuals who want to have a good time. 

Squad however is taken seriously, i'm heading up the squad division. 

Membership would require training sessions that would include basic infantry maneuvers. 

You would be required to learn basic column movements, Escelon Movements, and various platoon movements. 
As well as MOUT Training (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) 

If you've ever played online with me, my squad is usually named "Small Unit Tactics" 

 If you'd like to join go ahead and post your steam name, and we'll add you to the group! 

We have a Teamspeak, and set up a small server to host training sessions, eventually we'd like to get large enough to do other group battles. 


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