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Can't create thread in game server feedback forum - Error 500

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Hi, as the title says I can't create new threads in the game server feedback forum. when I click "post" the server replies with error 500.


Any ideas?



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I tried with Edge, IE11, FIrefox (does not load the forums at all due to "endless redirect" something something), Chrome, Safari and neither works. When trying to create a new topic in the Game Server Feedback forums, it reponds with the 500 - Internal Server Error.


I know it's strange as it, obviously, works here... so... I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something obvious?



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Are you trying to connect with a bookmark?  You may have to delete it and then reset it again.  Try clearing your browser cache as well, in FF it is ctrl-F5.  Then reboot to make sure that everything is clear. 


This may work or not but wont hurt to try.

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Same issue in teams and clans


I've used several different browsers and on my phone using data not my home network. No change.

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