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The Wrench - August edition

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August Edition


New month, new toys!


To start off this month's edition of the Wrench, we can announce that the v7 SDK files have finally been released, opening the possibility for modders to play around with vehicles. This is of course very exciting news, and we can't wait to see what incredible work the modding community can create with these new tools available for them.


To download the update for the Squad SDK, open your Epic launcher, go to the “Modding” tab, find Squad in the list, then simply press the big “update” button and let the magic unfold! (be advised though, the patch is very large).


Remember to backup anything you may have changed before, the update should not overwrite anything custom you made, but you can never be sure!


This month we also have some sexy new maps that are under development, adding to the already rising number of maps in development


> Mapping


Iron Mountain

by American Outlaw & Co


Original Thread: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/23423-iron-mountain-wip/




Iron Mountain uses a lot of the same characteristics that old-school Project Reality players will recognise from the original Iron Ridge map: Its steep and rocky ravines, multiple river crossings and expansive tunnel networks. American Outlaw and his brother are putting some real love into this map, and it’s looking well on its way to become a community classic.




by ChanceBrahh






Following the trend of reimagining Project Reality classics, ChanceBrahh has started working on his second map, based on the Kokan area in Afghanistan, with the Kunduz river quietly flowing past. This map features large fields flanked by dense villages and compounds, creating interesting choke points that make any assault a real hassle.



by Sajuuk





Sajuuk is hard at work on his new map, Hoʞ. Showing great progress, we can't wait to see what will be coming up for this map, featuring rolling fields, dark forests and farms dotted along the countryside.



> Tutorials


Axton's Guide to Creating Realistic Terrain for Squad

by Axton


Forums: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/22739-axtons-guide-to-creating-realistic-terrain-for-squad/




This month's first featured tutorial is coming from our very productive community member Axton, who have taken it upon himself to go into the details of his process to make realistic and good looking terrains for Squad. So if you are new to mapping, or not used to Worldmachine, this tutorial will certainly be of great use!


Import M4-like weapons into the SDK (and reuse the M4 animations)

by r0tzbua


Tutorial: https://www.twitch.tv/r0tzbua_at/v/83241775


Got that beautiful AK-5C model lying around? Or the tacticoolest M4 on the planet? In this guide you’ll learn how to get those weapons which can reuse some of the already available animations into the SDK. Featuring a SIG550 model by Krycek from gamebanana.com


To wrap it up

The modding community is thriving, and with the newest version of the SDK released, we are waiting in excitement for what will be next to roll out of our modder`s workshops. What we in the Modding Hub management would love to see in the coming time though, is for more people to take action and help out the community with some quality tutorials. This will ensure the barrier of entering the modding scene to be even lower, resulting in more content, and also increasing the overall quality of the mods. So if you have something you know and excel at, don't be afraid to share it with the rest of the community, either by videos or written tutorials.


Until next time!


Best regards,

Zeno - Mitsu - r0tzbua

With the help of Igno, P1nga and Assifuah.


Squad Modding Hub

Management Team

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