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[2.FJg] 2.Fallschirmjäger Squad Servers

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 2FJBanner.png (512×128)


Who are we?

The 2.FJg clan is a relaxed Tactical Realism clan, that values friendship and camaraderie, and having a good time first and foremost. We've been around and active in the RO2 community for 4 years and counting.  During that time we've seen a lively community grow up around our servers and we're looking to expand that community into Squad. We have our own dedicated server box, TS3 server, and a top notch support staff to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. While we do expect teamwork from our members, we are much more laid back in regards to strict military discipline, and protocol.  We'd rather you have fun, than grilling you on Yes sir, No sir, type play, after all, we're here to play a game right?



Our rules are pretty simple, but make sure to check them out anyways.



If you want to know us you can say hi on our forums.


Feeling chatty?



Ban appeals

If you want to appeal your case we are all ears. Head to our forums and make a post.



Server 1 (North America)

Name: [2.FJg] Squad Tactical Realism #2 [NA Mixed]


Slots: 80


Server 2 (Europe)

Name: [2.FJg] Squad Tactical Realism #2 [EU Mixed]


Slots: 80

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3 hours ago, Zhigunov said:

Happy to see you guys are still around, sucks about the RO2 server though.


Thanks bud. It was sad to see it die. However, we had a very good 4 year run in it. When RS2 launches we'll be firing up a server on it as well, so we look forward to many a good battle over on it too.

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