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[Tool] Tactical planner for squad (gametactic.org/squad)

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@KalithYo man, were actively using gametactics before scrims, but Ive discovered recently that the ruler / rangings in gametactics are off  compared to ingame. 400 meters using the ruler in gametactics, isnt 400 meters ingame (tested on the map Operation First Light).

Dunno if it was always like this, but it makes the tool somewhat less useful now, since I cant really use it to plan out where we wanna put our FOBS (which needs to be 400 m away from each other). It also cant be used to see how far mortars can reach anymore. Any chance of a fix?


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I've gone over the maps and adjusted some of the maps sizes. I based myself on the grids. But it would be great if someone could go over the maps and verify their sizes are correct. (map dimensions are displayed in the upper left, that's what used for the ruler tool).

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