UNIVERSAL LOGISTICAL SYSTEM (Previously RSBB, now more streamlined)   The purpose of the Universal Logistical System is to give teams the tools and ability to shape the battlefield, and creates varied and emergent gameplay that ensures that no match is ever the same.   Resources Two resource types exist, one of which is derived from the other.   Supplies is the main resource, and is an infinite resource that is dispensed from a faction’s Main Base. It is used for construction, rearming vehicles, repairing, and spawning.   Ammunition can either be converted from Supplies(1:1 ratio), or a player can spawn with Ammunition Bags. It is used for rearming infantry weapons and weapons emplacements. It cannot be converted back to Supplies.   The only primary source of these resources is at Resource Extraction Points(REPs), located at Main Bases. Logistical vehicles can interact with these to extract Supplies for transport to other parts of the map. Other vehicles and players can only extract Ammunition from these points, either to rearm or to transport. The quantity of Supplies or Ammunition that can be carried depends on the vehicle.   Logistics Once a vehicle or player is loaded with either Supplies or Ammunition, these can now be transported to other parts of the map for use. They can be deployed in several ways.   Supply Dumps can be created by a logistical vehicle carrying Supplies. They have a 50m radius in which structures and emplacements can be constructed, and players can resupply from them. They can hold and be resupplied with both Supplies and Ammunition. If depleted, the foundation remains unless destroyed or deconstructed. Supply Dumps cannot overlap.   Supply Crates can be created from a Supply Dump and are man-portable. They can hold only a fraction of the Supplies a Supply Dump can hold, but allow players to move Supply Dumps to vehicle-inaccessible locations. They have no construction radius, but can be converted into Supply Dumps. Players can resupply from them. If depleted, they disappear from the map.   Ammunition Boxes can be created by any vehicle carrying Supplies or Ammunition, and are man-portable. Players can resupply from them. If depleted, they disappear from the map.   Ammunition Bags are a piece of player equipment that allows them to carry small amounts of Ammunition to resupply  team members with. Players can either directly apply them to other players, or drop them on the ground for players to resupply from. If depleted, they disappear from the map.   (Man-portable crates and boxes can be carried by one player, but reduces their movement speed and disables any equipment use.)   (Rearming vehicles depletes Supplies and can only be done from REPs or Vehicle Repair Stations. Ammunition cannot be used.)   (Players can interact directly with vehicles carrying Supplies or Ammunition to resupply from them.)   Construction The Supply Dump is the base structure required for any construction. When deployed, Officers can place structures and emplacements within its 50m radius. Construction depletes Supplies from the Supply Dump. Spawning or resupplying on it depletes either Ammunition or Supplies. All structures and emplacements within the Supply Dump’s radius are automatically linked with it and can extract Supplies and Ammunition from it at will through player interaction.   Spawning When a player spawns in on a FOB, they deplete Supplies from the Supply Dump it is linked to. How much they deplete depends on the equipment of the player. If there are not enough Supplies on the Supply Dump, players cannot spawn in on the linked FOB.   Rally Points are now a piece of Officer kit equipment that can be dropped and picked up at will. They serve both as spawn points and resupply points for the squad, but can only be re-charged with Supplies. Only one can be active at a time, so if the squad leader resupplies his RP, then any currently deployed RP disappears. Just like a FOB, spawning on a RP depletes resources. A depleted RP disappears from the map.   -----   The system is entirely player-driven, ensuring that teams are rewarded for their teamwork, organization, and logistical skill.   FOB placement becomes more sensible. Teams can’t drop magic spawn points behind enemy lines with no regard for supplying them.   Freeing construction from the FOB allows teams to use structures and emplacements to their maximum potential. They can now be used in innovative and flexible ways that expand gameplay variety.   Logistical vehicles become vital strategic assets that can be targeted to cripple the enemy’s ability to reinforce areas of the map. They also become important to defend and keep alive.
The larger footprint of the Supply Dump dissuades the currently common shrub-FOB style of play.   The system is self-balancing. Player get out only what they put in.