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Who we are
Spearhead as an international unit of the BASED Community balances between competitiveness and social interaction. Our aim is to create a pleasant environment where you, as a member, can grow to a beneficial individual of this group. Finally, we encourage our members to actively participate in various events and tournaments of different games.

What we expect from you
Asides from respecting others and being a overall decent human being, there is a set of additional requirements we expect of our members.


  • All members of Spearhead are expected to maintain a high level of communications, whatever it is on a squad-, team- or inter team level.
  • Members of Spearhead are, within reasonable limits, active on Teamspeak, interacting with the rest of the clan. We have no problem with members being away for longer periods of time, as long as we know about first.
  • As a member, we expect you to strive forward, to explore your own capabilities. We do not pressure you, but there is nothing more we like to see than members improving their skills or showing commitment to our cause.


Where can you find us?

Hit us up on the teamspeak server: ts.alwaysbased.com

Website: https://www.alwaysbased.com/


Talk or write to one of the leaders and hang out with us, we're always in for fresh blood and like minded people!


Some Gameplay by our Members:


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We are still looking for other people to play games with :)

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we are looking for new clanmates, if you are interested send me a PM or join your teamspeak.

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