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Two suggestion regarding individual squadradio and briefings

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1. Bringing back Numpad Radios for more Squads

Due to the nature of the numpad it isn't possible to individually radio more than 9 Squads with PRs way of doing it. However, if you started counting Squads as "1-1, 1-2, ... 1-9" followed by "2-1, 2-2, ... 2-9" you could double the amount of individually radioable squads by utilizing a modifier key. Pressing a numpad key alone will radio "1-NUMPAD", pressing it with a modifier key will radio "2-NUMPAD". I highly doubt that this will have to be further extended. I personally would probably pick the right cursor key as the modifier key, since nobody really ever uses them anymore in my experience.


2. Better Briefing Phase

Currently Briefings are rather short in my opinion, and trying to talk to both Squadleaders and your own Squad can be difficult and ineffective. What speaks against splitting the Briefing into two distinct phases, one in which SLs come up with basic splitting up the tasks, and another in which the SLs brief their own Squads?



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Extending idea 2: SLs should be able to rename their squads and set a proper squadsize on the fly, in order to make their role more clear, should it change. This can be useful during briefing, so SLs can remember better which squad was responsible for which part of the plan.

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I have no experience with using the number keypad for radios, so I won't comment on that. 

I do agree, it would be good to have a longer briefing time, to make up a plan of action. 

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