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Feedback and Suggestions regarding the INS Scout

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Hi OWI Devs and fellow Squad players.

I like the scout class and the SKS. It improves teamwork and it somewhat makes sense, that if you have an 10 rnds rifle you get the binoculars as well in order to guide and provide assistance to your squad.


I thought about how to improve the kit - in a tactical "pro-teamplay" way - by increasing its value to other players (not its combat efficiency based on the primary weapon).


In the Updates tab related to the update on A7, it is written:
" Added Scout kit for Insurgents and Militia. The kit contains SKS as the primary weapon and also has a set of binoculars. This kit is perfect for scouting and directing fire. Kit will get more toys in the future ;) "

My hopes, dreams and expectations or such "Toys":

- Possible IED ?`Nothing much to say here I guess...

- Soviet flare for tactical signals, or as battlefield illumination.
Example from Chechnya:


- Anti-personell Landmine or tripwire-mine. (Nasty, but with the AAS system this would make sense).


- Wire Cutter for instant/Fast removal of barbed wire



Regarding the armament of the scout, I would not mind if he had access to the AKSU. The SKS is probably the superior choice for medium to long distance - yet the (less accurate and weaker) aksu might work better in urban environments.


[if you considder answering to this topic and you´re a non-DEV, please take your time for a proper response :) ]



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