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Team planning time before game start [suggestion/poll]

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  1. 1. Would the SQUAD experience be enhanced by the pre-match planning phase suggested below?

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    • Nah mate

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TLDR Summary: Introduce a planning phase at the start of each round (1 minute long?). Map displays on screen for all team members, squad leaders can draw on map (visible to whole team) with different colour for each squad. Squad leaders can chat in text with each other to plan, visible by entire team. This allows obvious objective planning for entire team to see and know the battleplan from the start.



SQUAD is a game which, particularly in its AAS mode, benefits greatly from each team having a plan. Not necessarily to achieve victory (though that's nice) but to ensure a good cohesive game, where everyone, knows what they're doing and has fun, win or lose. The problem is that right now it is very hard for squad leaders to make concrete plans and pass them on to the team without using lots of confused voip chat at the start of a game. Voip chat has a place, and a very central one to SQUAD, but I contend that an army never hit a battlefield without every soldier knowing the broad plan. No army hits the deck and then decides over the radio who goes where. No successful one anyway! ¬¬


Please bear in mind that I have no idea of the technical difficulty of the following suggestion. It sounds simple to me but I don't know Unreal engine from a pile of rocks.


I think that the answer lies in SQUAD's pre-game time. Instead of staring just at a random background while people decide what squad to be in before a game starts, this time could be used for a 'Planning phase' where those in Squad Leader roles could place and remove objective markers as well as draw on a copy of the map screen displayed to the entire team. This would enable a preliminary plan to be established and made obvious to every member of the team. Objective markers would have the squad number identifying which SL/Squad is going for that point. Drawn arrows or diagrams could also be tagged with squad identifiers.


There could also be a text chat visible to the entire team but usable only by Squad Leader roles which would also allow a plan to be communicated clearly to the team, accompanying the above markers and drawings on the map.


I feel like a minute or so of this, prior to a match starting, would allow each team to start the game with a much more obviously defined set of objectives, known by each squad and clearly communicated across the entire team.


What do people think? Anything obvious this idea is missing? Would this enhance the SQUAD experience?


I personally feel like it could help to avoid some of those rounds which turn into abject trainwrecks in the first five minutes due to lack of a plan, as well as helping the team get more engaged in the battle plan.

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