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Alpha 7.7 Released

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Read the full Changelog on our front page HERE


UPDATE 7.7 Hotfix  (15 October 2016)


We are now pushing a version Alpha 7.7 hotfix release, here are the changes:

  • Fixed crashing in Squad's custom full auto sound and voip sound code relating to sound rendering in Unreal Engine 4.12 being asynchrounous now.
  • Fixed a crash related to gunshots not having an audio device under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed some issues with sound concurrency, causing certain gunshot sounds to cut out.
  • Fixed exploit relating to FOV.
  • Made a minor fix to deployable placement logic so you cannot place deployables on a roof from the ground. EDITED FOR CLARITY: You can still place deployables on a rooftop when you are standing on that rooftop.
  • Added code so server admins can view the framerate of their servers in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed distance delay on certain explosion sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera changed to third person on exiting a vehicle in single player Jensen's Range.
  • Fixed issue where vehicles get bogus rotations after destruction (e.g., sideways vehicle wreck).
  • Fixed an issue where players lose mouse input in the main menu / map.
  • Updated the Ural wreck collision.



UPDATE 7.6 Hotfix  (30 September 2016)


We are now pushing a version 7.6 hotfix release, here are the changes:

  • Fully disabled Valve Anti-Cheat on servers as it is not currently used (Squad uses Easy Anti-Cheat). This is to resolve issues where certain players were unable to connect to servers. 
  • Fixed the bug where vehicle drivers are unable to see any players around them after driving a long distance away from the location they entered the vehicle.
  • Added a fix for a rare crash relating to visual effects.
  • Added a number of additional performance measuring code markers to aid developers with working on Alpha 8.



UPDATE 7.5 Hotfix  (19 September 2016)


We are now pushing a version 7.5 hotfix release, here are the changes:

  • Fixed a client side crash relating to effects code in the engine introduced following the upgrade to Unreal Engine version 4.12
  • Fixed some possible memory corruption which may have been leading to crashes relating to the initialization of the console on startup.
  • Fixed a rare server crash in vehicle claiming code.
  • Pulled in a performance fix for Alpha 8 using a much faster method for drawing nametags. Note that in order to facilitate this, nametags will now be rendered through walls for nearby friendlies.
  • Performance improved on the maps Op First Light, Kohat, Sumari and Logar by fixing improperly sized terrain textures.
  • Fixed soldiers being invisible in local play on Jensen's Range, a bug introduced in a performance fix for alpha 7.4.
  • Fixed an exploit relating to users tweaking their FOV outside of acceptable ranges.
  • Increased the starting velocity for the spectation camera from 2.5 to 15 meters per second.



UPDATE 7.4 Hotfix  (13 September 2016)


We are now pushing a version 7.4 hotfix release, which contains:


  • Fixed the round start crash and a number of other crashes, all caused by the improper deletion of physical materials in memory.
  • Pulled in a performance fix developed for Alpha 8 relating to the rendering of other people's character meshes.
  • Fixed up the deployable repair station blocking lean and deployables.
  • Made reflection spheres not appear in game. (As an aside, we would like to assert that reported sightings of UFO's in squad are *completely* unfounded and baseless!)
  • Made the wire fences at the fool's road train station penetrable.
  • Fixed not being able to enter certain tunnels at the Fool's Road hilltop.
  • Fixed players not being able to drive vehicles into the fortress on Fool's Road.
  • Fixed the Sumari AAS 3 flags being cappable by 1 person.
  • Fixed the Sumari skirmish layer cap zones being too high in the air.
  • Fixed some road and spline bugs in Chora.
  • Finally, please note there is at least one other moderately occurring crash that we are still aware of and actively investigating.




UPDATE 7.3 Hotfix  (31 August 2016)


We are now pushing a version 7.3 hotfix release, which contains:


  • Disabled async loading as an attempted fix for loading related crashes, and possibly a number of other crashes & bugs.
  • Added an attempted fix for a crash caused by a specific effect emmiter.
  • Added fixes for materials and material settings on a number of maps to prevent a specific type of crash. [This means a very large download for this patch]
  • Removed an unused analytics plugin as a fix for round start stuttering.
  • Updated the Easy Anticheat SDK.
  • Updated turret bounds to avoid them popping out.
  • Fixed some ambient sounds on Sumari and Kohat.
  • Removed a number of unused materials.
  • Fixed errors with two fence materials.
  • Fixed an improper texture size which was causing a small loading delay.
  • Increased the max data cache size as an improvement for both Squad and Mod developers.
  • Cleaned up unusued references to trace channels without actual properties which were causing log spam.
  • Cleaned up some orphaned break points in Blueprints as a reduction of log spam.




UPDATE 7.2 Hotfix  (19 August 2016)


We are now pushing a version 7.2 hotfix release, which contains:

  • Fix for physx crashing [The most common crash currently]. Added a workaround in vehicle physics assets for a deeper bug in physx.
  • Fixed a common crash caused by a landscape material issue.
  • Fixed a crash related to vehicle seat code.
  • Allowed sounds shorter than 10 seconds to be loaded async on map load as a fix for some of the stuttering issues players have been seeing.
  • Fixed a number of issues with collision meshes on environment objects.
  • Removed unneeded landscape hole material from Operation First Light.
  • Disabled ribbons in effects for time being to negate a memory leak.
  • Optimized tick rate on effects. (ie not realtime).
  • Removed a few trace messages in the source to reduce some log spam.
  • Made an adjustment to the trace channels and presets used in vehicle collisions to accomodate another vehicle fix.
  • Pushed a simple collision setup for the radiotower, moving it from complex to simple collision, which should stop it from crashing people.
  • Foliage Cvar exploit fixes.
  • Added some ambeint sounds to Yehorivka and Sumari.
  • Updated default unbound binding text to "None" from "QWE".
  • Checked all collision assets for physmat assignment.
  • Added wheel effects on ural.
  • Reduced wheel effects to 4 on all vehicle types.
  • Assigned wreck meshes to "block all".
  • Increase m2 yaw to 30 degrees from 25.





Note: There is a known camera bug when exiting vehicles including stationary .50 cals in the Firing Range. Simply enter the admin cam (Shift + P) and exit the admin cam (Shift + P) to reset the 1P camera. The bug does NOT happen in multiplayer.




Server Admins: Update your map names on your server rotation file!!!


We renamed the maps to better identify them. 

"Logar Valley AAS v1"
"Logar Valley AAS INF v1"
"Logar Valley INS v1"
"Logar Valley INS v1 Night"
"Logar PAAS V1"
"Jensen's Range"
"Kohat AAS v1"
"Kohat AAS v1 INF "
"Kohat AAS v2"
"Kohat INS v1"
"OP First Light"
"OP First Light AAS v1"
"Chora AAS v1"
"Chora AAS v2"
"Chora PAAS v1"
"Chora INS v1"
"Chora AAS v1 Night"
"Chora AAS v1 INF Night"
"Fool's Road"
"Fool's Road AAS v1"
"Fool's Road AAS v2"
"Fool's Road AAS v1 INF"
"Sumari AAS v1 INF"
"Sumari AAS v1"
"Sumari AAS v2"
"Sumari AAS v3"
"Sumari ITC v1"
"Sumari INS v1"
"Gorodok AAS v1"
"Gorodok AAS v2"
"Gorodok AAS v1 INF"
"Yehorivka AAS v1"
"Yehorivka AAS v1 INF"

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Just now, boost2464 said:

I can forsee my girlfriend leaving me in the near future due to neglect.....


Another Squad update, another broken heart.

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You guys have made an incredible job with the patch, it was worth the wait. Thank you and keep up the great work



peace out

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It's out?!!!!! Thank god for insomnia! wait...no that's not right. Thank god for squad devs!!


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Thank you. Honestly, thank you, love the hard work, love the content.


Enjoy A7 ladies and gentlemen. The gameplay has just drastically changed. 

Edited by LMR Sahara

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  • Binoculars removed from all medic kits.


  • US medic kit now has an M4 with a red dot sight.


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nice. thanks OWI.


@Chuc, I think a wee bit of formating is needed here. It's a bit confusing.

  • "Must have at least 3 members in your Squad to claim vehicles." 3 members - 1 vehicle can be claimed 6 members - 2 vehicles can be claimed 8 members - 3 vehicles can be claimed


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This was the one Update that Squad needed to convince everyone, how much potential this game has.

And to the Devs, thank you a lot for this! A damn good job :)


P.s. I knew that I made the right decision back at the kickstarter campaign and bought my Commander pack a bit over a year ago ;)

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46 minutes ago, IrOnTaXi said:

She isnt perfect..  but we will hotfix as soon as we can gents


Its ok

I am just curious of 3rd person view when leaving vehicle?


So far, in 35 minutes I have experienced: 

3 crashes

Constant rubberbanding (not ping related)

Worse performance


:/ I had high hopes

Edited by Zhigunov

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A little bug here and there is nothing compared to the beast you guys just released. So happy! Thank you for all the hard work - can't imagine how much pressure you guys have been under latley. The vehicles feel REALLY good - better than i hoped for. :) So glad i backed this game.  Let's celebrate!

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