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Actual Mods ETA ?

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Hello Guys hope you are doing great


Well basically i want to ask a question about actual mod implementation


When should we expect mods in game , like different armies weapons maps , system , 


And how will it be implemented when you download it ?


Thank you



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Mods will be implemented / downloaded via Steam Workshop integration. The desired result is to see details about the server and what mods are active via the in-game server browser and then the ability to download them through the Workshop so it's not a mess when it comes to downloading the right versions and from different sources.


There is no current ETA on Workshop integration and the completion / releases of mods are at the modders' discretion.


Expect to hear from the individuals that are working on mods, but I doubt they even care about release dates etc at the moment. The more game updates we have, the more content we have in the SDK to make mods with. So generally speaking, I wouldn't expect large scale mods like full maps and factions for a while, especially when they will receive regular content updates.


Hopefully that answers your questions!

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