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Wiki Task #006: Weapon pages

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This forum thread coordinates activities related to the weapon pages on the Squad Wiki. This task is listed as Wiki Task #006 on the Community portal.


A lot of the coordination and communication among the wiki editors happens on Discord (there is a dedicated wiki channel for text and voice) and the Community portal, so make sure to check those out too. However, a focused and structured discussion is probably done most effectively on the forums, hence the creation of this thread.


More to follow shortly...

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Meeting notes of event "Online Wiki Editor's Meeting"
Topic: Weapon pages
Place: Discord voice channel
Date: 28.07.2016
Participants: Mostly Masterman431 and Usgu, but also Merlin (OWI) and Level briefly dropped by.


Discussion and conclusions:

  • Lot of weapons pages are inconsistent and messy. Some pages have a lot of information (some of which might be better put elsewhere), some pages lack a details. Almost all pages need a thorough clean-up.
  • If you cannot find some weapon's on the wiki, just create a new page. See Wiki Help on how to do that.
  • However, before doing the clean-up of the weapon pages, we first need a consistent concept/design for the content of the weapon pages - what information should go in each weapon page and what sections do we need. @Masterman431 will work on a proposal. @Level, can you support him?
  • Part of the design for the weapon's pages will be a infobox with statistics. Here we need to use templates. For the different factions we have already used templates for infoboxes, so see how it's done there, for example this.
  • We brainstromed a list of useful (and maybe impossible) weapon statistics for this infobox. @Level also had a few ideas on this.
    • Type/category of weapon, e.g. pistol, assault rifle (include link to wiki category of these types); category names to be finalized with dev weapon expert first to get the terminology right
    • calibre of rounds - optional
    • magazine count (careful, might differ for different factions or roles)
    • magazine capacity
    • list of attachments (with link to specific attachment wiki pages)
    • fire rate (rounds per minute)
    • link to wikipedia page of the (real-world) weapon - useful
    • reload time
    • range (ideal range, maximum range, minimum range (e.g. for grenade launcher!))
    • bullet drop - if we can quantify it
    • bullet spray - if we can quantify it
    • damage (differs on hit zone of target; may vary over distance; other factors?) - will probably be very difficult to quantify
    • list of factions that use this weapon - not sure if this should go on a weapon page or elsewhere
  • We discussed whether it makes more sense to have bullet drop on each weapon's page for each weapon or whether a dedicated "bullet drop" page. Mastermind's images of bullet drop make more sense when seens in comparison next each other on one page.
  • Useful link from a Battlefield wiki - example for one weapon.
  • We have a number of duplicated weapon pages (e.g. on SVD, AK-74). Any wiki editor, please clean up by doing the following:
    • Decide which page ("new page") should stay and which should go ("old page"); if unsure, get in contact with me
    • Move useful content from old page to new page
    • Add redirect from old page to new page (see Wiki Help how to do that)
    • Check "What linked here" on old page and change all links to the new page
    • Add {{delete}} tag to the old page
  • As a future project we will consider to automatically extract the weapon statistics from the game files. This will make it easier to update the wiki pages after a new version of Squad has come out. Without some kind of automation, it will be a nightmare to keep these statistics up-to-date.
  • We also touched on some other areas/topics of the wiki:
    • After we finished the weapon pages, we should do "weapon attachement" pages (e.g. grenade launcher, visors).
    • Particularly important will be the pages for each visor (red dot, iron sight, AGCO). This must include pictures and a description of the visor's functionality.

@Masterman431 and @Level will take a lead for the weapon pages, but anyone can jump in and help. Just make sure you coordinate with them and communicate on Discord and in this thread here. If anyone has any questions, don't hestiate to send me a direct message on Discord.


Thanks to all participants for showing up. See you next time.


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On 17.2.2017 at 4:11 AM, Eistrias said:

I can help you with the weapon statistics you can get most of it out of the unreal engine i did it a few days ago for my Clan


@Eistriasfeel free to take on the lead. No progress was made so you start from scatch. Talk to me on Discord's #wiki channel.

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