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Have claymores been confirmed?

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On 29.7.2016 at 10:34 PM, XRobinson said:

Flip the option switch that turns off friendly damage from mines and explosive trip wires.  Easy. And have them marked on screen with skull and crossbones icon.  Easy. :)


mines and artillery dont care about friend or foe, they just care about valuable targets.


and keep in mind this is still somehow a milsim group-style shooter.


you arent planting a claymore/mine/barbwire for yourself.

you do this on command of your SL, so hes in charge of marking it correctly in the map.

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lol as if that is how it will happen!


if the trigger is manual then the skill is far more than automatic detonation:

The trigger man has to hide both himself and the explosive.

he has to be patient enough to wait for the enemy and be in a position where he can detonate at the correct time

and he is responsible for the result of this explosion, tks and all.


Compared to a auto trigger:

Place it in a position where enemy will pass without seeing it.

walk away.

check scoreboard.


auto detonate is only bad for the game.

ambush and patience is good.


"enemy approaching kill zone"

boom "kill confirmed"

ambush squad waits for medic and support to approach

enemy squad wiped




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Is there still a possibility of a Claymore or some other equivalent Anti-personnel mines being in the game eventually?

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