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Improved Management Of The Squad (IMOS)

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Hello fellas.

In my experience, I have try to optimise work with people in my squad. I give them some tag and manage squad by these tags. It's like blue team or black team or any specific tag like assault team. It works for me and my friends, even for newbies it works. But I have a problem — people forget sometimes their tag, or team has been changed.  This is confuse us. Not always, but it happens. 


What do I suggest?

Make SL able to:

1) change name of his squad;

2) make 3-4 teams on squad with names;

3) lock squad.


It could be ALPHA squad and 1,2,3 teams — ALPHA 1, ALPHA 2 and ALPHA 3.


This system works and gives newbies more understanding what happens on the battlefield.



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I belive fire teams are I  the works, which will be really nice. Currently having to use ts for fire team breakouts whwn we have a full squad on. 

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If we're doing acronyms, try this one, UTFS - use the effin' search.


All three of your suggestions have been discussed in detail for a long time now.

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