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Launching Error: 'EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Driver Signature Enforcement has been disabled.'

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I have never had problems launching or running this game (only when I had my AMD cpu it lagged like hell) I also played the game with my new cpu for around 5 hours without any issues. But I stopped playing about 4 weeks ago and I wanted to play the game again, but I can't launch the game anymore. It gives me the error seen in the title and after trying to fix  it on my own and searching the internet for a solution for 3 days I still haven't found a solution. 


My specs:
i7 6700K 
ASUS z170 Pro Gaming motherboard
Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB Ram
MSI GTX 970 (368.81 drivers I also tried without the lastest not-beta drivers and it didn't work)
Windows 10 64bit (all latest updates installed)


ples help me. 

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