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This thread will be a platform to share my inofficial, clientside userscripts specifically created for the joinsquad forums.

I called the project Joinsquad_JS, and if any of you guys want to contribute or add to the project in any way (by the same licensing background -> everything open source and GPLv3), then get on github and just do it! :D


Anyways, I've created a lot more scripts for the old forum but that was about 4 months ago and now all of the scripts are outdated or some functions have already been implemented in the new forum software.


Therefore I started from scratch, and even though not every script is perfect (missing customization GUI etc. etc.) I will add the scripts I create into this thread so it's all at one place.



Project Website: http://sine.github.io/JoinSquad_JS/




This script will make the activitystreams click the "new content" button automatically, now you can simply put your browser window on a second screen and the stream will always display the newest content. Play Squad while seeing who wrote what!

Extra features:

  • It will play a quiet "pop" sound so you are notified.
  • It will add auto-update functionality to all streams, not only those that already feature auto-updating
  • Settings menu with volume changer and update rate changer

Install Link (Need the AddOn first, see FAQ)




Annoyed by "Where did you hear about us"? No more I say! This is currently the only function of this script. All other features have been abandoned from the old forum version because the new forum has all major functions already included.

Extra features:

  • It's fancy

Install Link (Need the AddOn first, see FAQ)




Q: How do I use these scripts?

Depending on your browser, you first need to install an Add-On (just one of them, your choice which one you like), before you click the "install" link:

- For Firefox:



- For Chrome:



- For Opera:




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