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High Quality Graphics Config/ Settings

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Here are some of my settings to make Squad pop a little. If you're struggling with fps, dont use this. This is for the people who want Higher Quality.


Go to    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config

Open Default Engine

Copy and paste this under [System Settings]


r.LightFunctionQuality=3  (Not sure this is working yet, maybe use 2 i'll look into it)
r.Shadow.MaxResolution= 4096 (higher is possible)



Then go to [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] and find r.TextureStreaming and change it to False

So change it to r.TextureStreaming=False


Go try it out, and give me feedback weather it made some differences. Note that im still experimenting with these settings


Add me on steam: Gamer tag is: Viper

or my username  : DRK_Viper


Cheers, Viper out :)




Edited by =DRK=Viper

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Could you do a before and after comparison with screenshots taken with HighResShot 2 command? Screenshots you take with this command go to this folder.



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Tried out the settings, along with SweetFX, and the gfx seems to "pop" out more. It looks more smooth, although I might have taken approximately 3-5 hits on FPS  - perhaps more on certain maps and certain locations - so I'm experimenting a bit to find a good compromise. But I wondered, what exactly does disabling 'texturestreaming' do? Does it mean that all textures are pre-loaded, instead of rendered on the fly? Because load times seem to have increased slightly, often resulting in connection time outs. I've gotten a strange stutter as well, but that might be me playing around with the anisotropy settings and the SMAA.

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r.LightShaftQuality=5                      <--- only 1 works
r.Upscale.Quality=5                        <---- 3 is highest and 0 is better quality for some reason
r.DepthOfFieldQuality=5                  <---- 2 is highest
r.SSR.Quality=5                             <---- 3 is highest
r.SSR.MaxRoughness=0.9              <----- 1 is highest                
r.SceneColorFringeQuality=5           <------- 1 is highest
r.LightFunctionQuality=5                 <------- 3 is highest but i dont think its currently being used


If you want better than ultra this is all you can do right now




r.Streaming.Boost=2      <--- highest is 4



Have fun


(i have a ultra+ config in my performance thread that will always be updated)

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