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Squad music vid

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Be kind please...first time effort with this new video editor. Backing track comes from something i made in 2010 or 11 for ArmA 3 Alpha. They never really embraced the PvP AAS game mode though, pitty, i really do like that game. So then i re-named it for a BF3 mix but i didn't want to make a video with nades that glow in the daylight so you can tell where they are...in hardcore mode.


So here it is. Re-named again for Squad.

Recorded with Shadowplay.

Video editor - Adobe Premiere Elements 7

Sound backing track - Cool Edit 95...yeah i know, i know..

Thanks to OWI for a great game.


"rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters"










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Cheers bro...glad someone around here likes it. Was a bit of a mission to put together. Now the first serious demo is out of the way, time for some fun.

Squadie banter mix inbound folks!

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Just a quick update. Im not dead yet, so i made a remix...always do if im still alive.
Enhanced comms, fixed a dozen flat spots and added a drum roll. Version sounds much better to my ear.
That remix will be free to DL and bump in your jeep/humvee/tank as soon as i can finish some custom album cover photochopping and secure a bandcamp link.

Track two is boobtube inbound and scheduled for a six min bout.
Same format, ...little bit faster, little bit more funky, a few more kills and the same amount of deaths.
Probably come with a language warning for your mum though, just saying. Yeah...tag it with something for the love of Lara Croft.
Come up with an all original title for track two...*coughs*
"rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters...still huntin".


Temp set backs, bring it.
Shadowplays random "sound delay recordings" still remains a mystery to me. Some recordings have delayed sound, most are normal. Seems to have settled down, no clues why.

Able to patch, copy n patse video sound back-in-time with cool edit 95. 

The whole process is so darn time consuming. Really should look at upgrading the Atari STE,.

eSample., original unfrail F.O.B. drop scene before cool edit 95.








Edited by rulie

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that's awesome, dude. I myself am a audio programmer and man that cool edit LMAO haven't seen that shit in YEARS!! lmao 


I am using FL STUDIO, it's the bomb son 


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Hey thank you man! Glad someone else appreciates this clip.



Yer, the Cool edit guys kinda goofed up with this 95 demo. Bought a 486 back in the day for X-Wing and Doom...but mainly X-Wing.

Cool edit 95 was on the first or second PC Format magazine cover disc. It was supposed to be a "demo", meh, someone at Cool edit forgot to remove the "save" feature though.

Essentially, eight features total, but only two worked in any given session...n so long as the "save" feature was always selected, you could edit the file, save it, exit the program, then restart, selecting "save" along with the next "feature"...load file.

Cool edit subsequently fixed that little work around on the next cover disc demo. Ended up eventually getting hold of Cool edit 2000 though i rarely use it.


Don't make any money off my tunes, never have, any worked beats, loops n coms mixes are simply a by-product of gaming on-line. I can't help it. 


..and while im here, ...feeling the need to de-rail my own topic by posting pics of my custom keyboard X-Wing overlay system i made when i was an engraver.





...didn't have to get any better than X-Wing.



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No F.O.B.s were harmed or taken down in the making of this music video clip.
Quite ridiculous really considering the title name.

However, ...this mix video would not have been made without our SQUAD Dev's hard work in the first place!

So please do keep our Dev's in mind, acknowledge, respect and hold that thought for at least three to five seconds or do something else...ffs, at least volunteer to construct a god damn ammo crate in the bushes...or somewhere bushie, in a compound or beside a rock outcrop for the sake of SL rulie's sanity...jeez.

The whole point of my next music video production is to put a smile on that dial of the face you own. Lighten-up a cause you're a long time dead.
...first six riginal Squad map recoilless, smokeless semi auto 6min43sec vid not possible right?

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Finally finished the darn vid. Dedicated to the Devs first six maps and to the players. Filmed on location somewhere between June and November_ish 2016.



Edited by rulie

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Yer, im real sorry about the photobucket thing. Nothing is lost and will be sorted in due course.


Just in case you all thought i was slacking off, i wanted to make sure i had the instrumentals in place to back this post up.

Track number three is inbound.
"rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters...clear coms"

Track number four - release date - TBA
"rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters...no hostages"

Track number five, um, i havent actually got a name for that one yet but!

... because every vinyl record has a flip side, i can confirm the FIRST TRACK on the "rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters" B-sides companion is called...
"ranger rulie and the usual suspects"


In the meantime, here is the instrumental version number 3 of 4 for the first track.
"rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters..."

...and to celebrate the purchase of two brand new chainsaws (still legal to buy here in Australia), i thought i'd share my chainsaw ringtone which very soon, hopefully, if the fcukwits at Telstra can actually get their shit together that is, ...will become my permanent "callertone". Call me and tell me that you love me.... or not :D


Edited by rulie

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doh, my apologies kickin in, comes from the track "RACE WAR" by ICE T...i used to be a big ICE T fan and all...i lost faith with "hip hop" around 1994, it's not my fault. I tried to do my best but no-one gave a fcuk....

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