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Squad Troubleshooter V2

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A few members may of remembered a few months back (December to be exact) I released a small batch file to do a couple things to help troubleshoot squad not working. I have now updated it and converted it to an EXE as to cause as little issues as possible (and make it more fancy)


all you have to do is run it and type in the letter for the option you want to do

This program also comes with 2 checks off the bat,
1) it makes sure your running the program as an administrator
2) it makes sure your OS is 64 bit

if either of those is not the case the program will tell you right away with an error explaining.

What each option does:

A] Deletes the squad folder in %LocalAppData% (this will wipe your video / control settings in game). a good option if a patch has been released and something doesn't seem right.

B] Generates a Windows Event log, good to do after Squad Crashes to desktop and you can't figure out why, it will place the log file on your desktop, upload it to somewhere on the internet and attach it on the forums or email it to [email protected] for myself to take a look at it.

C] Launches the EasyAntiCheat installer in the Squad install directory, make sure you pick squad as your game.

D] Copies all squad log files including UE4 Dump files to your desktop into a SQUAD logs folder, zip it up or send individual files.

E] Attempts to silently install VC Redistributables 2013 and 2015, if any error occurs you may have to make sure your copy of windows is up to date, make sure no updates are available.

F] Disables Windows firewall, as a troubleshooting step if your having networking issues

G] Enable Windows firewall, (for when F didn't solve your issue and you want to undo)

H] will provide a URL to visit with the confirmed fix for server browser crashes.


*if anyone has any notes / recommendations I'm all open to update the app if its being used.

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1 hour ago, Major Trouble said:

Great work SuicidalChair. My guess is you didn't just create it for the community but for your own sanity. ;)

yeah ;) the next week or so is going to be rough, so i figured this could save me a few headaches lol

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Devs are there any suprises for christmas? I would like to have some snow on squad thats my biggest wish. Theres still many months to do that so no rush 

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