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Squad Development Kit - Getting Started

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The Squad Development Kit is now available for download!  Contained in the SDK is the Squad custom version of the Unreal Engine 4, a modified Editor for making maps, art assets, and game blueprints, and nearly all of the development tools that we use to create Squad.  


To download the Squad Development Kit, first you must go to https://www.unrealengine.com/dashboard and register for an Epic Games account.  Once you have an account, you need to download the Epic Games Launcher


Once in the launcher, navigate to the "Modding" tab, select Squad, and install the Squad Development Kit




Once you download the SDK, you can now launch the editor and get started. 


NOTE: The first time you start the editor, it will hang on load at 71%.  At this part, it is generating the Derived Data Cache, and will take some time (5-10 minutes).   


If you have any questions, feel free to join our modding discord: https://discord.gg/0jXt1Y2dpl79B4qV

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