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R.F.A and Foreign Representation

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Based off my title, my question is how you'll maintain accuracy with foreign forces
I'm narrow minded in this, since I'm not aware of all your military advisors; but, I don't think Ross has any
experience in the modern Russian army (unless Ross checks the box on badass Nato-Servant US Marine). 
And generalizations are great, but there has to be some truth if you're going to add in some distinctions with medical kits, clothing, 
and etc. 

In all of this, my personal beef is on misconceptions of weapons and weapons handling in the Russian Army. And this topic is what
I based my question on : 




Weapon recoil is something you can only do wrong, depending on which direction you're going, a different group of people will voice their concerns(meaning: they're going to complain. A lot.) :
For "High recoil":
-makes the game more skill-dependant
-likely to cause firefights to take longer than they should, which fits the(desired?) gameplay
-not true-to-life as everything chambered in 5.56x45mm(Assault Rifles, PDWs and SMGs; Pistols are an exception for me) and below is designed to be manageable even for lightweights and untrained soldiers

-guns on the upper end of the chambering spectrum(7.62x51mm, and rifles notorious for their high recoil such as the AK47) will be even harder to handle.

~Frontliner (Comment #9)

Sauce : http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1559-balancing-recoil-vertical-full-auto-weapons-characteristics/?hl=recoil 


Though the source/sauce doesnt specifically target Russian weapons handling, it can be connected to the ammunition types (7.62x51 mm)

used by the weapon models, AN-94 and AK-12. And it brings up an issue on high recoil which is sometimes misunderstood.

Small cracks like this are huge since in reality there's low recoil on the actual weapons. And low recoil means more distance in 

engagements and less necessity for team-oriented tactics like suppression (huge recoil makes this more viable). [see sauces below]



Well that is nice double..


There is optimum level of recoil and it also effects the speed of the game more than just over simplistic view of less recoil == faster gameplay.. It also effect the distance of firefights etc. More recoil =/= more skill required, it does not go as simplistic manner. Sorry.


 WARti0k0ne -BG- (Sauce : http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1559-balancing-recoil-vertical-full-auto-weapons-characteristics/)




Low Recoil Representation 

(Please forward to 3:40 mark)



With the realistic recoil on both the current AK-74 and M4 models, you're well known for your accuracy. But how far will this accuracy go? 
Will it go through only personal experience and bias, through advisors, the community? It seems like a waste of time, and in my view it looks
resourceful if you choose to have free reign and disregard accuracy. But that puts it at the expense of community support. 

'Swell, a topic on the recoil of the RPG-7 covered over similar points. But it was discarded as unnecessary by the community. 




Yeah, the weight of the rocket causes the person fire to flex a bit to hold the tube steady. Upon firing, he will thus for a brief moment over-compensate and push the firing tube upwards, which looks a lot like recoil. Further, the slight friction of the rocket should pull the launcher forwards slightly. So yeah, IRL, "recoil" would be forwards and upwards (like in your RL video). In Squad ATM, it's slightly backwards. Non-issue gameplay-wise though. I hope they add a nordic faction firing these though. Would be interesting balance-wise since the guy firing can carry multiple rounds and they penetrate quite well.

 Ostboll (Sauce : http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1814-rpg-7-recoil/?hl=recoil)

Sorry for wordy-ness but in my closing question/interrogation. How far does accuracy (NOT REALISM) go in affecting gameplay? 

*Edit* I find accuracy different from realism. (I don't want people to think I'd go all ham on the medical system, explosives, geneva, and crap like that.)





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You mention recoil and you ask us to fast forward to a rifle that the Russian forces have yet to even officially adopt as their new mass-used infantryman's rifle.

edit: even the AK12, which is still simply gas operated and uses a long-stroke gas piston and features a rotating bolt, (in other words, NOT the rifle you told us to view) is reportedly only being issued now to Russia's more elite fighting forces. the basic infantryman (which is what PR at least based almost all of its military forces on) is still being issued the AK-103 and AK-104.

edit 2: oh, also -- the AN-94 is chambered in 5.45x39mm, not 7.62x51mm.

the 5.45x39mm caliber is actually a hair smaller than 5.56x45mm, which as you hopefully know is used in the M4/M16 series of rifles.

and the AK-12 is the designation of a series of rifles that are chambered in various calibers, one of them being 7.62x51mm.

edit 3: to be more on topic... im kind of confused as to what youre actually asking.

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