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13th Marine Expeditionary Realism Unit

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Hello there! My name is 2ndLt C.Anderson. Seeing that they do not offer marine uniform I've put that aside and said i can deal with that. Maybe they will release some in the future if not all is well. I haven't really decided to open my unit up for the Squad game yet, but if I get enough people interested in Squad I'll start one up. Here's what I got and want I'd like to get.




Server Box



x1 "Squad" Commanding Officer

x1 "Squad" Platoon Sergeant

X1 "Squad" Squad Leader

x3 "Squad" Fireteam Leaders


If you are interested please contact me via steam: manning939 aka C.Anderson and/or Teamspeak: 1456.teamspeak3.com:7575

You also can visit our website at www.13th-meu.net



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This group looked interesting since I am a former Marine, but neither the website or the TS server seems to up.  Oh well. 

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