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Official Video - Optimisation Settings - Squad

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I suggest squad make an official video that talks about the best settings to optimize the game and get the most FPS available.



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Evrything off/low for best FPS. If you're consistently getting above 50-60 FPS, try increasing the level of details to find out what your optimal settings are. There is no one optimal setting which would work for every pc, you have to tweak your settings to get the best graphics possible on your rig while retaining smooth gameplay.


How could they possibly make a foolproof walkthrough to always get the best fps on every pc?

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I don't think a video will help much at this time. Usually to gain fps it's as easy as setting low options. In Squad though that can have little to no effect. Certain features can also make your game perform badly visually as well *cough* AA *cough*. Best to just experiment on your own for now.


Instead of making a video they should make pop ups in the setting menu, when hovered over, to describe what those settings do and how they could affect performance for those that don't know what to set.

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