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The King of the animal kingdom, the Honeybadger not only doesn't care, it doesn't give a sh*t. It is fearless and truly an unstoppable force, often displaying an explosive aggression to any threat, large or small. The FIGHTING HONEY BADGERS are a, until recently, Private Military Company based out of the recently formed dictated independent state of Afbadgerstan. The country quickly found wealth after striking oil, gold, diamonds and suitcases of money all in one sunny afternoon. Unfortunately the find didn't come without a price, the country erupted into civil war allowing a group of nutjobs to seize power, resulting in what we have now. 



The Democratically Dictated Independent State of Afbadgerstan








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Thanks for the awesome Scrim Mother, you kicked our butts in the first round....1 for the win in the second round is a win for us M8 ;)


Here is my latest desktop background creation, I thought I would share it with your [FHB] Members.....looking forward to our next encounter ....cheers!


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Ironically I wasn't participating in the second round, so we'll put down your win due to my absence ;) 


Once again, thanks for the invite I know I speak for the guys when I say we thoroughly enjoy every minute of it!


Edit: I am totally stealing that wallpaper

Edited by Mother

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The last round was EPIC M8, I think our two Clans are def like minded...looking forward to our next encounter ;)


Enjoy the wallpaper, don't forget to enlarge before you save image.

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