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HMG Kill of the Week thread!

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Still 4 hours, 32 minutes and 21 seconds before I get shot in the face by a .50 Cal... But I am already looking forward.
So ahead of time, I thought I'd make this HMG KILL OF THE WEEK thread!


It doesn't matter if you're on the shooting end, the receiving end, or anywhere in between - if you managed to get something awesome on video that you think is good enough to bring to this thread, SHARE it with us! :) Try to keep it under a minute, though :P


You can vote for others' videos as kill of the week in your replies... Winners will be featured in this post :ph34r:^_^


To get things heated up prematurely, here's a short clip from last week's super secret playtest. OK, not technically a 50cal kill, but it sure makes you want to get playing..! HYPE


The symbolic winner of week 0. Thanks @CMBelite-FR hurr de hurr!


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I did kill the guy close to the M2 with my nade, and then manage to kill the M2 shooter and wounded the other guy before getting Tked, lol

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