I will Rulie, eventually     . i'm playing around with a map of Iceland - not gunna end up looking like Iceland tho. got a Wilsons Promontory thing in the works as well   @Igno, and anyone else. i am now having this problem:   as soon as i grab the Master Material and move to copy it across to "My" map sub-folder, it changes the rendered preview from the watery look, to the default surface, checkered pattern !?.  if i go ahead and copy anyway, and then open up the properties of the(My) Instanced copy of it, it shows all "those" layers shaded-out as yours were, but still holding the correct Diff. and Norm. layers of the Master. if i enable them On, the preview does not change. if i then apply the same surfaces as you did - still nothing happens in the preview window, and no textures show when applied to the terrain. also,  in the Layers list in the Paint Tools, all the layers are showing as the Default Checkerboard - no textures. it's like all the textures were stripped when i picked up the original Master material . . . ??   now one thing i thought might be the cause was "realtime" rendering of the "preview" objects(spheres) in the various windows, as i had turned it off. - turned it back on with no change in the preview. still Default.   the reason i turned off, and now still have Off, the Realtime Rendering of the Contents panel in particular (the biggest culprit) was because every time i moused over the Contents panel, my video card went off its nut, seriously, like i could actually hear it grinding away, getting hammered so hard the fan immediately spun up to flat-stick, pumping out very warm air. the other panels are no problem, hardly hitting the card at all, but that panel smashes it - no idea why . . . EDIT:  the errors i am getting in the Preview of the Instance Properties : {sm5} (Node TextureSampleParameter2D) Param2D> requires Texture2D {sm5} Function Blend_Overlay: (Node If) If input A must be of type float. i noticed if i opened up the Copied Master (not the Instance), the Nodes for the ColorMap Param2D UV's are gone for the "macro texture variation" and the "ColorMap" Node Groups. - so something has disappeared!     any help would be much appreciated Cheers!