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The War Academy - Information & Event Schedule

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The War Academy is an institution dedicated to the collection, understanding, and dissemination of all knowledge related to Squad. Our objective is to foster good gameplay within the community, understand and evolve the meta-game in Squad, and to spread this information throughout the Squad community. We provide educational content through our Agoge branch, focusing on live training courses supplemented with visual aides, as well as audio and video content. The Hattusa branch is our administrative and academic branch, focusing on community-wide content and events, the overall administration and growth of the institution, and the archival and dissemination of all our content. Through our Skunkworks branch we organize experimental events that test and push the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the game.


The War Academy Discord Server - The War Academy Sub-Reddit - The War Academy Steam Group




Training Courses: The War Academy organizes numerous training courses covering everything from basic infantry skills to advanced strategy and tactics. Check the schedule for upcoming events.


Currently available training courses:

Basic Infantry Combat

Basic Squad Leading


Mentorship Program: The War Academy Mentorship Program allows new players to get in touch with seasoned players for practical training sessions or just leisurely play.


More information to come...


Squad Leader Rush: The purpose of the Squad Leader Rush is to improve gameplay in a targeted and effective manner. Participants come together and target individual servers, particularly low quality servers, that they join and set up squads in on both teams. In this way, the participants can positively impact the gameplay with likeminded and competent peers who put teamwork and communication as the priority. Squad members joining will experience this elevated level of play and what Squad can actually be, hopefully craving more and expecting more of their team members in the future.


Join the Squad Leader Rush Steam Group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TWASLR


Clan Support: The War Academy hereby provides support for players who want to form a group, but don't yet have the ability to host a server, or want organizational support, media support, exposure, and more. The War Academy will provide its own server for training purposes, along a corner on The War Academy Discord Server.


If you want to receive this assistance, simply contact Tartantyco on The War Academy Discord Server.


Doctrinal Groups: These are groups within The War Academy hierarchy that focus on specific aspect of Squad gameplay, honing their skills, abilities, and understanding of that aspect of Squad. These groups can be dedicated to anything from logistics and infantry to armored warfare and air combat.


If you want to establish such a group, contact Tartantyco on The War Academy Discord Server


Existing groups:

Voltigeurs - Light Reconnaissance Infantry




No events pending.

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UPCOMING EVENT: Squad Leader Rush Event - Saturday May 21st, 20:15 UTC.


This upcoming Saturday, The War Academy will be hosting a Squad Leader Rush Event. Get together with like-minded squad leaders to play as either team on targeted servers with the aim of improving the gameplay level. Help keep teamwork and communication in the front seat!


Event coordination will take place on The War Academy Discord Server.

To participate, simply join the Squad Leader Rush Steam Group.


The War Academy Discord Server

Join the Squad Leader Rush Steam Group.

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