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"If Video Game Commercials Were Honest"

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Interesting critique on the video-games industry. Though their point, definition, or understanding on early-access ('developmental-entry,' differently defined) as a tool of exploitation might be a tad narrow and maybe even destructive, seeing as not all game developers are or must necessarily operate out of greed, avarice, or covetousness, of systemically imposed and triggered survival-reactions of ideology, ideation, conditioning. Consider for a moment that some of them might simply have an interest in seeing you having fun without the desire or intention to monetarily or psychologically enslave you. To think that they all must or are is like suspecting every kindergarten teacher of inevitably succumbing to paedophilia, which is a delusional reasoning and simply too absurd. The possibility that someone in that or similar - or even dissimilar - positions might develop such desires for various reasons is there, but the keyword here is possibility, which are not absolute facts. That is just logical.

In many cases, early-access is of course prone to be used as an exploit, but it should not be disregarded that it is also being used as a development aid-assist exactly because of the domination of capitalistic materialism and the exploitative tendencies it may incur. Certainly so, as it is more a struggle of population and resource monopoly than a ground providing equal accessibility and opportunity, effectively directing, hindering, or obscuring the means required to inventions and developments beyond its scope or without its demand for relevant qualities. This leads to developers or artists to seek means or resources to support their interests outside of the accepted pattern or monetary compulsion, the mainstream, or, rather, the monopoly cesspool. Hence, the infancy of crowd-funding or development-entries (i.e., Early-Access), etc.

Surely, there are those whom use the gaming platform as a plateau of sharing and expanding creative output (or education or critical provocation or discrimination) either as a means to escape reality for a moment or to step closer towards it (among other reasons), rather than a projected estimate of profit in the pursuit of inexorable monetary growth? After all, if we all were rigged from birth and naturally determined to operate purely out of self-interest then we wouldn't be having this discussion. Or, perhaps we're having it precisely because of it?

Now, money is needed to put food on the table in our current society - we can't get away from that, yet - but the difference between whether survival is money equals creative cultivation or creative cultivation is survival equals money is surely important to reflect upon before we lay down the judgement as to the crookedness and corruption or the earnesty and goodness of any one game developer, of other human beings. It is not so easy as simply saying "We are all corrupt!", "We are all earnest!", or, "If you do this you're bad, and if you don't do that you're good!", as it is often popular - but factually incomprehensible - to do.

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I think it's even more complicated than that, like politicians game developers may start with the best intentions but the grind of greedy retailers and a perpetually moaning client base may bring about unpleasant changes to their relationship with game developing.


I once had a business in motorcycles which was, is a passion or hobby of mine, that experience certainly changed my relationship towards that.


Gamers are their own worst enemy with a sort of collective optimism which is all the more incredible given the incredible amount of reviews available.   Many will buy a new game as early as possible, ignoring KS as I feel that's different, knowing that in most cases it is far more intelligent and economic to wait until the prices drops 50% and the game is more finished and has less bugs.


Why? Is it just impatience brought about by knowingly being sucked into the hype (again) only to be virtually inevitably let down given the level of hype? Could it also be Steam or clan playmates peer pressure so one can play with ones mates?


Hype itself is completely incredible - even here at squad the hype for a few basic vehicles is IMHO verging on the insane and again I feel will be responsible for a big let down when they show up.  What I really can't get my head round is how gamers knowingly repeat this stuff seemingly infinitely.

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