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{><}Tartan Army Gaming

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Hi All,


The {><}TA will be, very soon, starting to support this game and as such we would like to invite anyone interested to come visit our website at;




We the name may suggest otherwise - are a multi national gaming clan with members fro all over the UK and nearby EU countries, and we play a variety of games. Historically we have played COD2,COD4 and BF4 competitively alongside just for fun. 


While we are waiting for the next FPS game i.e SQUAD we are currently hosting and running our own DayZ (Top 20 server), Minecraft and Killing Floor 2 Servers with scope to open up a few more if need be. We also have members who play ARMA, CS:GO and GTA V and we may look into BLOPS3 (praying its better than the last ones...)


We are looking for more players to become involved in the setting up of our SQUAD teams and who want to not only just play the game but help in deciding how we, as the {><}TA, are going to get involved with the game. We have members who have previously run clans in Project reality and are keen to get into this game. 



If your looking for a friendly group of people feel free to drop by and say hello, either on our website above or on our TS3 server (Address :




Milky{><}TA (Marty)




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I have my own army to do my bidding and follow my every command, no matter how lurid? Excellent!

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