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Map size survey!

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Hi y'all! : )


I have measured the in-game levels using the FOB-FOB exclusion distance of 400 meters combined with the excellent work by @TomNedry to extract the map images from the game data files. Based on this 400 m distance and some in-game FOB building, I made a reference ruler of 500 meters and scaled the maps to their correct sizes using Google Draw.


I noticed that the map sizes were vastly different! And I am now sharing (some of ;P) my findings with you. To start with, here is an image that has all the mini-maps put on top of each other at the same in-game scale: 2016-04-21 Map size comparison


These images are works in progress. You are free to use these images for yourself to the same extent that any regulations apply to the map images themselves. In other words, I do not care for any additional copyright for the extra stuff I added onto Offworld Industries' map images. Any copyright is up to them.


tacticalgamer.com: "INFO: Grid squares are not 100 meters, and you can sprint for 200m." by Zhohar

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DesmoLocke found a similar effort on another forum that predates mine. It also has better quality! Go check it out! :D

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Damn saw the Thread to late.

But finally, i can say the Values looking correct, At Chora Valley i had 400m istead of 375m  but this could be my mess.


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Problem i run in was that (i started to draw in the maps Distances between flags, Capzones and longer walls the players cant cross)

At lest on Fouls Road the Maps are not actuall, needed to Draw the Buildings by myself, very Ugly. 

Are there new Versions of the High res Pictures ?

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Updated the maps with nicer grids, rulers and weapon envelopes.


@Royal DeluxeNot any that are in colour. I have my own version of Fool's Road here, but I can't all the other maps before they are released in a new SDK.

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