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Fubar May Tournament!

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Welcome clan leads, clan members, and people of the forums to the beginning of the Fubar May tournament! First off I would like to thank all of you for taking interest in our little tournament! This is going to be a blast.




Tournament will start May 7th featuring 8 clans and will be doing 25v25.



Most clans will probably have to "merge" together to make the 25 player cut. We decided on 25 members because we do not want to be restricted to Skirmish maps especially with the possibility of vehicles being added into squad by then. We will also keep 5 or so Fubar members on standby for every match to make sure we can fill in no shows from other clans. Rules behind that will be Fubar members can't be squad leader and Fubar "top fraggers" will not be able to sub in. Top fraggers - A fubar member that could change the course of the battle alone.


Here is the bracket



(Sorry for the small image. Just have this here in case anybody doesn't know how a normal bracket works)



We will have a loser's bracket so that every clan can play at least twice and not just be wiped out week one that is no fun as Fubar has experienced personally.



We will stream every Saturday and stream it on the Fubar Twitch stream <https://www.twitch.tv/squadFubar>.


Round 1 will be May 7th.

Round 2 will be May 14th

Round 3 will be May 21st

Grand Finals will be May 28th


The team that goes 3-0 will only play one match on Finals day but the team that does lose one match along the way will have to play 2 matches back to back. We decided this because a team that goes 3-0 should have a slight advantage on finals day and the team that goes 3-1 will need to work a little harder to win.


Match times will vary from 3pm GMT to 11pm GMT

We will try our best to get EU clans earlier and US clans later but can't promise anything


If you have any questions or you are a clan leader / representative wanting to join us hop on this discord <https://discord.gg/0uksvNYQNSTUbXiw> and ping @MrChaggy for any questions you have! 


One last thing
This tournament IS NOT trying to compete with Squad League we just want to fill in a gap that is in May for tournaments and such.


Thank you for taking the time out of you day to read this and hope to see everyone May 7th!


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White Fox is happy to participate in your tournament, we are going to participate with respected Team Exacted.

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Breaks my heart to say this but we are going to cancel the Fubar May tournament due to not being able to fill the 8 slots.


If you clan leaders still wish to scrim on the 7th feel free to PM me or any fubar officers and we can set up the Fubar server for you guys to scrim on.


We will try to do this again in the future maybe when more clans are intrested but right now it is just to hard to fill a 25v25 will 8 slots.


We also don't wish to drop it to 18v18 because we don't want to be limited to skirmish maps since those map layouts aren't nearly as fun.


Thanks again for showing interest in this event we will 100% be trying to do this again with more support next time. 

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