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All Squad Satellite Grid-Maps With Flags; AAS + Skirmish

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Since I've found few visual resources to learn a bit more about the maps and areas, I'm sharing my own set of map-images which I've been using with a free (but awesome) program called GTactix, for learning and making strategies and tactics and so on. And for getting to know the map-layout, the names of areas and also in using the grid more efficiently. (Have added a "notes" section on the map-images for accessibility and ease-of-use in GTactix - or otherwise, if you will). Note that the program isn't needed to use the images - they're just .jpg's. You can use them with any picture-viewer.

These are all the maps in AAS and Skirmish mode as of v5.1, haven't bothered yet with ITC or Insurgency since those are the modes I've played and play the least. Though I reckon I'll get to that later on (as well as correcting a few typos and trying to get better quality overall to make viewing and micro-strategizing easier). The images are taken in 1920x1080 and with the map zoomed all the way out. They will get grainy when zoomed in and I've not bothered to adjust brightness or contrast or colour.

Grid locations for flags have been judged based on which area the flag rests on the most, but in future revisions I'll make sure to add more keypad-numbers to pinpoint.

For GTactix, I hope to be able to compile all the maps from all the modes into one whole pack along with placeable icons (the ones used in-game) and higher-quality images (when I find the time to research that some more).

Suggestions are welcome. :)

Download Satellite Map Image-Pack Here

Chora AAS 1

OP First Light


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Nice work!


Although it makes me recall my own attempts to make topographic contour maps by using the Unreal Editor. But you know what? They wouldn't load. The maps wouldn't load. ;_;

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Thanks dudes, hope it'll be of use! Will try and get high-res shots of the maps going forward.

1 hour ago, 3e58i said:

The maps wouldn't load. ;_;

Aw, man, sorry to hear that. Did you sort it out in the end?

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Just when I posted a new topic on how to take high-res screenshots, I find your link... With a tutorial to take high-res screenshots.... D'oh! ^_^

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